Covid19 which is currently engaged in causing mass deaths, is a high-risk respiratory disease which directly affects our lungs causing breathing problems, fever etc. which finally leads you to death if you have a weak immune system.

The virus which emerged in 2019 in Wuhan China, is now rapidly spreading around the globe as a result of being highly infectious. China has been through much and is now well aware of the nature of the virus. Italy being one of the developed countries has already failed in protecting their citizens. Most powerful nations like United States of America show the highest number of infected statistics. Thus, these circumstances reflect the fact that even powerful countries fail if they do not take well planned initial steps. Most countries started to follow lockdown procedures only after approximately 100 deaths were reported.

Sri Lanka being a middle-income country, realized the fact that if we fail as a nation in front of Covid19, it would be hard for us to rise again as it causes severe economic damage. If the majority gets infected, itโ€™s obvious that we cannot go further as a county. Accordingly, the country is guided by proper political leadership constantly. The difference between Sri Lanka and other countries is that our political leaders took necessary steps before itโ€™s too late. 

The first Covid19 positive Sri Lankan patient was reported from Sri Lanka on 10th March 2020, and then on the same day 186 Sri Lankans who came from Italy, Korea and Iran were quarantined. The president made an announcement for the Sri Lankans who live overseas to remain in their present whereabouts until Covid19 is controlled within the country. All schools were closed on 12th March and all games and sports terminated and airports were closed until further notice.ย  Few public holidays were given initially and then curfew was imposed to prevent spreading of corona virus in the country. The police arrest the people who violate the rules without hesitation so that the fellow citizens would follow up. Sri Lankan police not only take strict steps towards law violations but also help people in many ways. The authorities risk it all for the safety of their citizens. Sri Lankan authorities took steps to advise people on a daily basis. When you call someone, instead of the ringing tone the citizens would get advised on how to stay safe and help preventing the spread of Covid19.

Above all Sri Lankan health service, being one of the best in the world, is managing to keep its status with proper political leadership.  The tourists who returned their homes from Sri Lanka have been praising Sri Lanka via BBC for taking necessary steps right on time. When considering all the above facts it becomes obvious that Sri Lanka has better precautionary than most other countries and Sri Lanka is the best model for defeating Covid19.