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Homosexuality and Law of Attraction


“Not working for me since I am gay” He mentioned that to several of his gay and lesbian partners who have relationships. My response to him was that he is doomed for as long as he is being doomed by his thoughts and that the law of attraction works the same for everyone.

This young man was, accidentally, of course, resisting the joyful life which is his birthright. He was making an existence for himself. Why? Because he didn’t know any better. By internalizing what they have been taught to whole groups of people, not just homosexuals, reaction to the negative messages of religious leaders, teachers, parents, and society. In other words, the things that they have been told become their dominant notions (or beliefs). And the Law of Attraction will constantly send circumstances and thoughts that are a match to your own beliefs.

If you spend decades listening to people that you love or respect and tell you that you’re wrong, evil, bad, and on a path, you might start to feel that you are evil, bad, wrong, and on a path to hell. And when you start to think things, you’ll experience a hellish existence on this Earth. Harboring negative beliefs about yourself is damaging to anyone who gets involved in a relationship with you and to you.

With this understanding, it is apparent why the writer notices so many unhappy gay and lesbian relationships. Individuals who think that their sexuality is “sinful” and their connections are wrong will have a very difficult time creating a secure, happy bonding with their partner. The law of attraction works in a way that you experience just like what you allow yourself to believe.

I’d like to offer a few words of advice lesbians, and anyone else who is currently struggling with living outside of the expectations of others.

When you learn that you are important to the excellent Universe’s growth, stop being affected by what others think or say about you. When you realize that you are a powerful creator whose life experience is being created by every thought, you will stop to doubt yourself to people who condemn you in reaction. When you learn to love yourself as Resource (or God) loves you, then you will benefit from the positive energy that flows within rather than withering in those who don’t understand your negative words.

Consider a new belief system.

Although you may have been taught under an individual religious modality, you are free to choose what you may believe. Leave the benefit from the parts of that faith, negative and brimstone teachings such monstrosities in their own lives. And, your parents, teachers, pastors Priests are, but they cannot properly make you’re born with an innate sense of your truth. The belief system under you has a decision to make. Toward what is best for you, will you follow your Inner Guidance? Or will you do by following their teachings, what is right for others? Even if it leads you to think that you attract negative life experiences? The choice is yours choose wisely.

Practice awareness. Be Aware of your Inner Being.

You were born and you need a successful living with an awareness of the powerful inner guidance. Whether or not you are and the part of who you are will always do two things: call you when you’re on track toward a happy life and let you know.

Your emotions are your evidence of just how much you’re in (or out of) the alignment with the law, and with your Inner Being, you are vibrating. You are being brought to by attraction. You will enjoy emotion when you align with your Inner Being and the Law of Attraction will respond with manifestations of your desires. When your thoughts and activities are out of alignment with that part of you, you will feel negative emotion. And as you offer that vibration of misery or unhappiness, you will attract undesirable conditions that breed more misery.

The subconscious trash that you’ve accumulated over your lifetime begins a growth journey. It will take some practice to notice that the part of yourself you have spent to be accustomed. From your life observing it can be detected with your senses. But practices like meditation are a great start.

Begin to develop your sixth, by dedicating a few minutes sense. As you become more and more aware of who you are, you will stop searching outside of yourself.Something about you that is different from others, even more-so when you’re frowned upon or judged that you love. But it does not serve you to be angry with those that are homophobic. It doesn’t serve you to resist what’s natural for you to fear hell, or to feel guilty about not following the script provided to you by your society. Feelings of anger, guilt, shame, and fear have Beams. Thus you will be hindered by them from living the joyful life that is your destiny. To attract a life filled with relationships, emotional stability and overwhelming internal joy, start to say no to negative thoughts with love and appreciation. Statements about these issues are appreciative, from the loving point of view:

They can’t help how they feel about gay people. They are only doing what they Believe is Appropriate.

My parents and my colleague simply want to pass on a tradition that they believe in and I appreciate their intention.

Now I feel good about myself; the Universe will send the most magnificent partner on my way for a fairytale romance.

Being different is quite fun-I now enjoy standing out from the crowd!

Now think!

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Homosexuality and Law of Attraction


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    July 2, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Wow Super one, Love you so much Nerdynaut

  2. Nirbu

    July 2, 2017 at 10:25 am

    a public invitation open the minds

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