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Bully & Co is for anyone who must deal with a bully in the workplace. Sharing her experiences from a decade in the Sri Lankan corporate world, Fiona Nanayakkara reveals how bullies intimidate and dim the spirits of colleagues and employees alike. With its powerful toolbox of strategies Fiona has created to cope with bullies, this book can help you become the best version of yourself. You can come out strong and help your company put systems in place to promote high performers, create a positive company culture, and create a healthier and more productive workplace.

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“ As a woman working in a male dominated profession where practices of sexism and verbal abuse towards women go unchecked, I believe this book illuminates the space where this behaviour first starts to play out. The manner in which men are allowed to exercise their privilege and power over women and girls in form of abuse, bullying and harassment stem from systems which have allowed it since their childhood. The school environment is one of the most influential systems which gives way to saying “boys will be boys” and excuses boys exercise of harmful attitudes and behaviours towards women and girls. Therefore as highlighted in this book, school settings serve as important spaces to inculcate and demonstrate gender equitable attitudes in the way they address issues such as bullying of girls by boys, which in turn will positively influence boy’s practices and behaviours towards women when they reach adulthood.”

– Hon. Rosy Senanayake

Deputy Chief of staff for the Prime Minister’s office

Former Minister of Child Affairs and Member of the Parliament, Sri Lanka

Bully & Co: Managing bullies and coping strategies for targets harassed at work

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Publication Date

February 16, 2018



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Fiona Nanayakkara

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Table of Content


Chapter 1: It’s Everyone’s Problem

Employee Turnover

Lost Opportunity Costs

Legal Costs

Reduced Productivity

Lost Time

Medical Concerns

Damage to the Company’s Reputation

Rehabilitation Costs

The Bottom Line

Chapter 2: Seven examples of different bullies

Incident Number 1: The Embezzler

Incident Number 2: The Liar

Incident Number 3: The Bum Sucker

Incident Number 4: The Psychopath

Incident Number 5: The Jealous One

Incident Number 6: Mr. Incapable

Incident Number 7: Madam Ruler

Chapter 3: Identifying the Problem

Signs of Bullying

Bullies Often Get Promotions

Chapter 4: The Employer

Chapter 5: Your Action Plan.

The Action Toolbox

Keep a written account


Remind Yourself to Get Motivated

Wake Up Early


Find a Hobby

Train Yourself for Confidence and Take Control of the Situation

Detach Yourself from the Bully

The Decision to Take Action

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2 reviews for Bully & Co: Managing bullies and coping strategies for targets harassed at work – English eBook

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arianna Tang

    Awesome book with true workplace culture in this era. Highly recommended for working ladies.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Abdul Q (verified owner)

    If you need help with dealing with workplace harassment this is the book to buy

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