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Yoga clothes

Yoga clothes

Beginners who are planning to understand the mysterious world of yoga, always in doubt as to what kind of clothes to wear for yoga. However, there are not special difficulties in this matter and, the main thing is to understand what goals should be pursued by your choice. Clothes for yoga: features

What is yoga? This is a practical philosophy, method of harmonizing body and soul. This means that the clothes should be comfortable, nice for your body and imperceptible during the class.

So, for clothes, in which you plan to practice yoga, there are two main criteria :-

1) Convenience

2) Freedom for movement

They are the basic criteria. Also it should be sturdy and made of natural materials.  Actually, the brand isn’t as important as the functionality of the service.

Now a lot of garments are containing spandex-elastic synthetic material. In principle, it doesn’t matter, if in general, the fabric is made from a natural product. But it is not necessary to practice yoga in completely synthetic clothing, because it will be not only unpleasant to the skin, but may cause unnecessary accumulation of static electricity. In addition, there are quite intensive types of yoga, where you can to sweat a lot in such cases, synthetic will show itself not with the best hand.

Typically, the attire for yoga includes “pants” and “t-shirt”. Or it can be a t-shirt and shorts. There are also the special, tight-fitting pants that are well drawn. If we are talking about natural materials, it’s best to use loose pants or shorts so they will not hinder your movements and don’t compromise the circulation in areas particularly prone to bending (pressure) or curl.


A Yoga Pant


A T-Shirt

Shoes for Yoga

There are no shoes . Well, you can of course try to do in sneakers or even what, but immediately becomes obvious that this wasn’t the best idea. Yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot – it’s naturally and it’s creates excellent traction with the ground/floor/yoga Mat. In addition, bare feet better spend the energy of the earth, and promote the interchange of energy between the earth and your body.


A Yoga Mat

However, there are situations where to do yoga barefoot impractical or inconvenient, for example, when it is cold in the hall or room, and there’s nothing you can do about it. For this purpose there are special spouts with fingers. So your feet will not freeze, and at the same time, the fingers will provide adhesion to the Mat.

Yoga clothes: color and features

This unusual type of exercise, like yoga, requires you to choose clothes with the utmost care. It is important that the lessons you have to focus specifically on the process, on their own feelings, on the breath or on the pronunciation of mantras. As you can guess, this full concentration on internal processes is only possible if the clothes sat on you perfectly and don’t distract you anything.

It’s, therefore, important not only perfectly comfortable fit, but the color also. Typically, classes are conducted in regular fitness rooms, equipped with large mirrors.

When contemplating your own view in bright clothes you will hardly be able to relax and take the necessary mood. That’s why you should choose white yoga clothes or clothes of any neutral, warm and more practical colors: beige, body, sand, light brown, coffee, pink etc.

Often clothes for yoga are decorated with prints of symbolic drawings or ethnic ornaments. They aren’t flashy or overly eye-catching, so it can afford this option. Wearing such clothes, you should feel that you don’t distract and it doesn’t consume your attention. If you have reached this sense, then the clothes are chosen correctly!

Good luck! And good practice!

Galina Larionova

Galina is a former contributor at Nerdynaut from Russia.

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    September 24, 2014 at 4:19 am

    Please write about practical yoga tips

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    November 1, 2014 at 2:15 pm

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