What does make yoga?

What does make yoga?

In these uncertain times we want to give ourselves the opportunity to relax and remove the accumulated stress. Yoga classes will help you find harmony and not to lose it in a hectic lifestyle. Giving yoga a few hours a week, you’ll see how the body is became stronger and filled with energy, and all the muscles are come in a tone. Most importantly, that the resulting body in good physical shape and you will find peace of mind and balance.

Yoga classes – this is the way to health and happiness, it’s the path of spiritual perfection. Moreover, a body is maintaining the optimal physical condition. So the body isn’t for mortal of mind in search of the higher truths. And health is achieved in various ways: physical health, endurance, and flexibility, or to relieve stress and achieve spiritual harmony.

Overall … Yoga can be defined as a practice whose goal is to teach a person to control the body and concluded there opportunities to achieve longevity, health improvement and prevention of many diseases.

The most mysterious and alluring to humans is self-knowledge. That means your inner world and your feelings. Why in certain situations we behave this way and not otherwise. How to learn to control your emotions, to know your body and come to cleanse the mind?

The first stage of this process is hatha yoga. Everyone knows that the statement of proper breathing is important in the profession of an actor, TV host, and singer. Proper distribution of air affects the timbre, tone and strength of voice. But few know how the powerful impact of breathing exercises on human health in general.


Hatha yoga combines the same exercise with breathing (pranayama) in combination with static postures (asanas). Despite the effectiveness of postures by themselves, capable of giving them pranayama force. Actually, the main objective of Pranayama is the purification of the respiratory system and the supply of blood to all the body’s cells. It helps strengthen the nerves, reduce tension, and relieve stress. And all this is based on art, the art of a quick stay and complete relaxation.Art of external and internal purification of consciousness. In other words – to maintain the body in optimal physical condition, so that it will not for mortal mind in search of higher truths. Therefore, Hatha yoga is especially suitable for people doing mental work.

Hatha yoga emphasizes the development of flexibility, joint health. Particular attention is paid to the health and strength of the spine. In general actively engaged in hatha yoga, needs to learn to listen to themselves and their emotional processes to their body. Unique – and often overlooked – feature of Yoga, which has no analogue in the European physical culture exercises are stimulating hormonal glands and performing massage internal organs. Stimulation hormone system helps to balance emotions and acquire a more optimistic outlook on life, which is especially important in the conditions of life in the big city.Because every day we find ourselves in a huge amount of stress.A time trying to recover not so much. So we have to choose between going to the mall, watching TV in the evening, or a full-fledged … and most importantly – rapid removal stress by Hatha yoga. You can’t even imagine that after the first month of training – you will feel that by continuing to live in your usual rhythm – feel incredibly cheerful and confident.

Yoga teaches conscious and attentive to your health – teaching practices of external and internal cleansing of the body and the mind, ways of behavior in the world and the system of proper nutrition. A beginner of hatha yoga shouldn’t be exactly the same all the breathing exercises and static postures. In fact hatha yoga isn’t a sport which you want to chase records. It is based on emotional balance, self-discipline and patience. All yoga classes should be easy and enjoyable, don’t try to learn everything at once. The main thing – is to get pleasure from the work already done. Your goal – a harmonious flow of energy within the body…

When we understand how does our body – it is easier to “make friends” with it. Find the causes and consequences of our mental state. And most importantly, learn to manage our emotions. If you want to harmonize your inner world and learn to move away from the stress at work, associated with permanent mental load – Hatha Yoga – your choice!

Galina Larionova

Galina is a former contributor at Nerdynaut from Russia.

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