Oxycontin For The Soul

Oxycontin For The Soul
Massive transformations were happening with the participants in my last workshop, and I want to share with you how it unfolded in such a magically way.

In the first week of my four week workshop, I let every individual pick out a colorful rubber band of their choice. For one week they were not allowed to self-deprecate, criticize, judge, complain, or gossip for one week, otherwise they had to snap the rubber band and replace the negative thought with an affirmation. This has always been the most profound life-changing tool for my clients, but not in the last workshop.

The biggest metamorphosis that created miracles in my students lives was when they all broke into pairs and prayed for each other. When they envisioned as if the healing already occurred, and continued to expect the wellness to manifest through faith, blessings began to surface. Neurological issues seemed to simmer, lupus symptoms dimmed, intimacy between couples got re-ignited. Yes, a windfall or manna seemed to be coming from the heavens.

My students lives were starting to feel like shackles were now being removed.

It was not just the prayers that were creating the good fortune. It was that the individuals in the group that got a moment’s reprieve from their own trials and tribulations by praying for their group partner. In other words, they put the focus on someone else’s suffering, hence giving themselves brief relief from their own pain.

Praying for others is magic medicine for our own pain. It works like a charm every time. Close your eyes and see everyone in your life as vibrant, healthy, happy and prosperous.

My favorite visualization is seeing, feeling and imagining friends in my life, at one of my big dance parties. Everyone is smiling, twirling, singing, and simply having the time of their lives. My clients that were in wheelchairs, are now up and dancing around. My students with canes, are no longer using them, and are boogieing down. All my family members and friends are laughing, ageless, timeless and are in pure bliss. The music continues as we connect on a such a high plane, that healing and wellness exude from every pore at this gathering.

How can you not feel better after a faithful prayer like the one above. Visualization or expectation of your beloved getting better is magical for both the giver and the receiver. Set your intention that your outcome will result in wellness rather than illness. Stay hopeful, rather than hopeless. This will not only heal them, but witness your own problems diminish before your very eyes.

I was convinced the rubber bands were the most profound tool, but I was wrong. Prayer is by far the number one tool for transformative and remarkable results. Give it a try, and guess what, it’s way cheaper than your local hospital.
Thank you for lease share and pass it on if you enjoyed it. Namaste.

Susan Foxley
Hi, I am Susan Foxley. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] if you would like to contact me for private or public yoga, life coaching workshops, or public speaking.
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