There are several notions related to the starting of life on the Earth in science. Some scientists argue that the civilization on the Earth has established by some kinds of Aliens who might come from another planet in the universe. They might come from a planet in our solar system or beyond the solar system. (Although present science hasn’t revealed the existence of life on a planet in our solar system, there might some life in the solar system before million times ago).

According to present notions, in order to grow life on some planet, there are several chemicals and environments needed. As an example, O2, liquid water, sufficient temperature and etc. But yet, scientists weren’t able to prove the existence of all those requirements on some planet in our solar system. But, they try to discover some planet that satisfies those requirements which in our solar system since the discovery is so useful for the existence of life on Earth. We know observers on the Earth can see only one side of the moon. Past scientists focused their major attention to the observable side of the moon. But, there are several researches have done regarding the unobservable side of the moon recently. Several space missions have done in order to carry out the secret features and the chemicals that are existing on the un-observable side of the moon.

Liquid H2O is a major requirement for the existence of life. Therefore, first people have to study about the possibilities of liquid water on the moon. For the existence of liquid water, there should considerable pressure that is greater than the critical pressure of the liquid water. Moreover, the temperature should obey the above condition. We know that the moon’s atmosphere doesn’t contain considerable air molecule density. Because the moon’s gravitational field hasn’t any capability to catch the escaping air molecules from the moon’s atmosphere. Therefore, usually, scientists may argue that there won’t any considerable atmospheric pressure in order to keep the air pressure that is greater than the critical air pressure for the existence of liquid water on the surface of the moon. But, if the moon’s gravitational field is considerably large on some specific region on its surface, then there may a possibility for the existence of liquid water. But, in order to verify that without any doubt, scientists have to study the absorption and emission spectra of those regions using the highly sensitive scientific equipment.

The chemical compounds on that high gravity area on the surface of the moon may influence for that unusual physical feature of the surface of the moon. Especially, not only the liquid water, O2 and sufficient temperature needs for the fine existence of life on the moon. We know through the solar wind, there is a large number of high-energy charged particles are coming towards the Earth from the sun. Also, the Ultra-Violet waves come towards the Earth from the sun those are harmful to life on Earth. But, the Earth’s magnetic field and the Earth’s O3 contents have abled to ignore or reduce the damage due to those rays for the mankind. But the moon hasn’t any strong magnetic field that is capable to turn-off or catches those solar wind particles those are coming towards the moon. Moreover, the moon hasn’t enough atmosphere air molecule density that is capable of reducing the harmful effects due to Ultra-Violet rays coming from the sun.

But, according to my own argument, if scientists able to place some asteroid in an orbit around the moon (That placing asteroid should contain some kind of living bacteria. i.e. there should be a capable environment on the surface of that asteroid for the existence of those lives), then in future, the environment of the surface of the moon would help more for any life forms on the surface of the moon. Because the growth of the bacteria would release several useful chemical compounds those are essential for the growth of the life on the moon.


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