Maybe you’ve been doing the bulk of your work from home for your entire career. Maybe 2020 threw the home office life in your lap. Either way, it’s important that your home office is pleasing – you spend a lot of time there! – and boosts your happiness and productivity in as many ways as possible. One of the quickest and most effective ways to do this is with color!

Color has been found to really affect us physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Whether you go for a fresh coat of paint or smaller accessories and details, we suggest choosing one of the colors below that will lift your spirits and encourage productivity.


In the world of color psychology, red is considered a physical color. It calls your attention to something in a very physical way. This is obvious when you consider the bright red of stop signs and notifications bubbles, but do we really want a bright red workspace? With red, it’s important to consider shades. On one side, we have burgundy, a deep red associated with sophistication and seriousness. If your work-from-home life can use a little more sophistication and a little less sweatpants, consider burgundy curtains or a rug. Pink, on the other end of the red spectrum, lends us some light-heartedness and fun. You can’t be productive for any length of time without some enjoyment and levity, and this is where pink can save the day. Being such a light color, you can use pink in big ways, like with a whole accent wall of pink or a new pink office chair.


Blue is an intellectual color – and right away, we see the connection to productivity, don’t we? Many office spaces are done in shades of blue. It conveys trust, communication, and efficiency. It has been scientifically proven to increase focus, reduce mental strain, and even reduce blood pressure. It is calming but also mentally stimulating. Navy pencils and pens, pale blue lampshades, and other blue-toned office supplies are readily available. A blue-grey shade would be a great all-room wall color. If you don’t have much budget to spruce up your home office, simply open your blinds – even the blue from the sky can elevate your mood and increase productivity.


Research suggests yellow is best used in small doses, and one experiment showed that people are more sensitive to noise in rooms with yellow walls. Noise sensitivity is not conducive to productivity. But! Small amount of yellow boosts creativity, memory, and optimism. It is used frequently in spaces meant for brainstorming and collaboration. Depending on the work you do, these traits may encourage your productivity quite a bit! Keep yellow relegated to accent pieces, such as picture frames and wall clocks.


Green is the balance between the primary colors in color psychology. It is particularly calming. Because green is so prominent in the natural world and we are accustomed to seeing so many shades of green, it is considered to be one of the best background colors for providing calm without being noticeable. That’s also probably why green, along with blue, is so calming – they’re the dominant colors in nature, and that’s just how we’re wired. Green is used already in places where balance and calm are required for long hours, like in medical offices. For your home office, one of the best ways to bring green into your room is with plants! Not only will plants bring in the calming green shade, it also greatly improves air quality and helps provide grounding in a room that is likely full of electronics.