Which internet solution is best fitted for mobile users? :Wi-Fi or cellular data networks?

Which internet solution is best fitted for mobile users? :Wi-Fi or cellular data networks?
Nowadays the connectivity to Internet is one of the most required things to have an easy informatics, close lifestyle or to turn off the boring mood. Normally, people use smart phones, laptops and other portable devices to fulfill this vital necessity.
In Sri Lankan society, there are few words which are most trending on this topic. Such as Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc. In our case, 3G and 4G are inside the cellular data network category.

Internet via Wi-Fi

The most unfortunate thing is Wi-Fi which is only available to a specific and small area. When we are moving form a shop to another shop, most probably we have to change the network logins etc. But some mobile network providers introduced Wi-Fi internet cards. This service is giving the opportunity to get the access for the Wi-Fi networks of the service providers. The issue in this is, we have to stay at the Wi-Fi hotspot.Sometimes Wi-Fi networks of shops also lend from 3G or 4G networks as same mechanism we do by making a Wi-Fi hotspot from cellular connectivity. Then again Wi-Fi cannot give a good speedy experience to the Wi-Fi user of the shop than the cellular connectivity.

Also Wi-Fi connectivity let the mobile users to have a longer battery life than cellular connectivity.

But Wi-Fi is not good for travelling fans, especially to the users who need Internet access urgently to use GPS services.

Internet via Cellular Network

4G and 3G network connectivity let the mobile users to connect Internet at anytime, anywhere. 3G coverage is much spread through the island of Sri Lanka. But 4G is still available in urban areas only.Depending on the mobile network provider, the user can receive a speedy Internet experience and data on cheap prices. For example, Etisalat Sri Lanka’s wireless network infrastructure is capable to provide 6 times faster Internet services in Sri Lanka. Also they are giving a huge variation of packages. Because of that,  the users will able to choose the best Internet package according to their lifestyle.

Final Word

Wi-Fi solutions are great for down loaders, online video watchers and “stay at home or café days”. But cellular networks are able to give a better coverage to the users’ Internet necessity on the road, during a vacation or any other days of travel.
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