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A Case Study Of Pneumocystis Pneumonia Co-Infected With Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

A patient from Philippines had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was on treatment with anti-TNF agents and corticosteroids which are immunosuppressive drugs. Prolonged exposure to immunosuppressive drugs has led to recurrence of pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) causing health complications. The patient was treated for PCP recurrence and after one month he was admitted to Philippine general hospital with the symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome. Upon clinical symptoms and vital signs a series of heamatological, microbiological, biochemical, immunological and cytopathological investigations were carried out and it was confirmed that the patient is co-infected with pneumocystis pneumonia and Mycobacteium tuberculosis.



Publication Date

October 2, 2018




Laasa Lavan,

Mayum Perera,

Nuzha Farook,

Samadhi Kulasooriya,

Sugandhi Katipearachchi




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