Let’s imagine this: you have a new project to be launched, and there are a plethora of tasks to be done. Each task, for instance, beta testing, marketing kit, PR media, etc., are further divided into sub-tasks. Therefore, to keep everything handy, you need a productivity tool. That’s when project management software comes to mind.

A project management tool will take the hassle out of the lengthy tasks and smoothen out your team’s workflow. So, if you are going to Google the best one, here we have compiled the best collaboration tools for entrepreneurs.


Quire is a program management tool that helps in improving brand messaging, support operational innovation, increase employee confidence, and more. It’s a simple, straightforward, and powerful tool that comes with project management.

The elegant and intuitive interface makes Quire is the most appreciated tool. With this, you can create and manage all your tasks and bring your team on board. Quire Kanban board is an ideal replacement for your whiteboards and sticky notes. The best part is, you can easily switch between the Kanban board and task list.


Asana has always been the top and most popular project management tool that lets you plan your tasks and collaborate with teams. Its timeline features never let you miss any deadline. With the plethora of impressive layouts, users can choose different layouts for their tasks like a board, calendar, or list.

Furthermore, Asana’s interface is simple and comes with a delightful theme to increase users’ mood as well as productivity. Other features of Asana include task scheduling, permission control, impressive custom fields, Google SSO, easy task scheduling, and more.


Redbooth is another simple and impressive SaaS project management tool that lets users manage resources, portfolios, time, and expenses.  It comes with a straightforward interface and makes it easy for you to onboard your teams. Although it does have some complex and heavy features, it follows an agile methodology to track your teams’ performance.


Wrike is another online project management software that helps to improve the working speed of your team. It comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard so that users can see tasks without any confusion.

One of the impressive things about Wrike is that it comes with a timeline view, which means you can task, calendar or board anything. The simple drag and drop feature lets you set the dependency and make it easy to visualize the workflow. You can integrate it with Google Drive, Outlook, OneDrive, Gmail, and more.


If you are looking for a free project management tool with a kanban board, Trello is for you.  With Trello, you can easily set up projects with various cards for every task and board. Instead of the traditional interface, Trello’s workflow is visually appealing as there are cards nested in sub-cards with a checklist. So, if your team doesn’t want to juggle with the complex list of projects, Trello can be a great option for planning the project.


Bitrix24 comes with various impressive features that let you easily plan, schedule, and track your project, contacts, and tasks. This project management tool’s important features include time tracking, calendar view, instant messaging, report managing, and more.

Besides, Bitrix24 comes with a comprehensive CRM, so if your team isn’t happy with a complex system, this couldn’t be your choice.


From being simple project management software to one of the most popular collaborative work allocation tools, Basecamp comes with everything. Its impressive features include task scheduling, messaging, file storing, to-do list, and more.

Another reason behind Basecamp’s popularity is the client portal, which makes this tool as first preference for many project managers. The cloud-based integration, cross-performance availability, calendar management, group charts, around-the-clock support, etc., make Basecamp popular among other tools.


So, this completes the list of the seven best project management tools. Most of the tools mentioned above are SaaS-based, which lets you easily collaborate with teams. Just know your preferences and choose the tool that comes with the right features.