Do you believe in god or the existence of a supreme being who balance the good and evil? Well, according to world religious statistics, the majority does believe in. Believing in such deity is called Theism. There are two major types of Theism. One type is this kind of religion is Monotheism. Monotheism believes in the existence of one true god. Zoroastrianism and All the Abrahamic religions which include Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions. Another type of Theism is Polytheism which let followers believe in many gods instead of one almighty god. Hinduism and all the pagan religions worshipped by the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Norse and Egyptians are counted as polytheistic religions.

But if you do not believe in the god or gods, you are an atheist. Atheism is one of the most trending topics in the modern world. However, being a believer or an atheist is not a decision that someone else should take for you. It should be your own decision. Well to be fair, maybe by you or your family. No one can say you are wrong because the spiritual realm is a place that humankind has not properly discovered yet. In this article, we are presenting few reasons to be a theist or a believer and achieve a convenient lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually through that.

To become the better version of you

Holy Bible, Holy Quran and Book of  Zohar are religious texts written by wise men with the assistance of divine celestials (Angels). Therefore these teachings are written to propose a better framework to live without tempting yourself to the sinful thought. Embracing these religious teachings as the fundamental rules of your life, may definitely guide you to be the noblest version of yourself.

Catholics including myself, usually attend the mass performed by a roman catholic priest in a church every Sunday. There is a sermon performed by the priest in the Sunday Mass called the homily which helps the participants to understand the specific holy scripture dedicated for the day in a more understandable manner. That way the Catholics receives better advisory session to make themselves better every Sunday by the priest who has the thrust and a person closer to God. Also, the Catholic Church has very strict rules and procedures to have a religiously approved marriage thought the sacrament of holy matrimony. Also very strict rules on divorcing. As a result of that Catholic marriage has become more civilized and monogamous due to the religious regulations enforced by the Vatican. Likewise, religion can transform you to a better you.

To make your life meaningful

Life without meaning even sounds boring. Engaging in religious events and rituals, introduced by theistic religions made people’s life more meaningful and delightful. As an example, in the Islamic lifestyle, all Muslims take part in a fasting season during their holy month of Ramadan. This enables them to feel compassion for the poor people by being hungry and thirsty like the poor people and also be thankful to Allah for the precious and prosperity life that they have been given. There is no other religion does this much deeper spiritual effort to let the followers know the meaning of their life. More importantly, fasting improves self-control and this is another point for the first reason to be a theist.

Another occasion that the religion made the believer’s life more meaningful is Christmas. This is the most wonderful time of the year for most people. Families get back together. People share gifts with each other and sing to each other by spreading happiness. Christmas makes Christian life more cheerful and gives reasons to be kind and generous to those who are around.

To have a guilt-free life

Everyone has the guilt when they do something bad, wrong or unethical even for fun. This is because of your heart (spiritual).  Jeremiah 31:33 in the bible, states that the heart is the law written by God in human. So, you do not need to be in a specific religion to feel the guilt and overcome the sinful feelings to have a guilt-free life. But the advantage of being religious is instead of just feeling the guilt, the religious texts have declared these feelings as religious rules which made them more distinguishable for the human mind.

In the bible, there are ten commandments. Can you ever break any of those commandments without feeling guilty? For example, can you lie without feeling guilty, can you steal something without feeling guilty and if you are catholic can you feel not guilty when you are staying at home on Sunday without taking part the Sunday mass when your parents or better-half force you to come with them.

Another fact that theism helps to have a guilt-free life is if you do sin, even no one else knows, you are aware that the guys in the upstairs already saw your culprit behaviour. This feeling may be helpful to not perform that sin again in your lifetime. Furthermore, well-organized religion like Catholicism has established confession as a sacrament. This enables people to share their guiltiness with someone who is trusted and in a position to provide advice and further counselling to overcome the bad habits and wilderness lurking inside them.

To have the hope of life after death

Death is something that is every living being afraid of. We all have that fear even though we understand the Yin and Yang of the world. For an atheist, most probably the death is a full stop. But for a religious believer, it is not. They have the hope of an afterlife in heaven, hell or some other place. Isn’t this hope a better way to live with, than thinking about a blank end.

For Christians, this is much more concerning fact because Jesus Christ who was crucified by the Romans has resurrected on the third day. Lord Jesus proved that there is a life after death. So if you are Christian, you don’t need to bother about death. It is just an upgrade or downgrade to your living position. You are going upstairs (Heaven) or downstairs (Hell) without getting your memories deleted from your soul.

No one has disproved the existence of god

In the philosophical arena, scholars always come up with arguments to prove or disprove the existence of God. But no one ever able to prove there is no god so far. Some people say Science is not matured yet to understand the existence of God.

Well Duh! For the safe side, it is better to believe in God because, if God exists and you are believing you will get treated. If there is no God and you still believe in God, no threat from heaven, but still you are having a better and good life which is given to you as a result of fear to the god. So theism is a win-win situation in either case.

Wrapping Up

Majority of people believe in God because they feel his presence in their day to day life even though he is invisible. But not believing in God is also can not be criticised because of it a personal choice. However, humans are made out of flesh. So greed, lust, envy and wrath are built-in features of the human body. Therefore it is better to have spiritual guidance instead of living by your own theories.

If you are an atheist, instead of being non-religious, you have the opportunity to follow an atheistic religion like Buddhism and Jainism. However, even though Buddhism has referred to as an atheistic religion in most sources, they also believe in the power of the Universe which also describes God in another approach. One of the best religious paths that an atheist can take is Scientology. Many notable celebrities have embraced this belief and practice to their life and living as devoted Scientologists.