A Small Gesture

A Small Gesture
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​I was travelling by a local train and was waiting for my destination one day. While travelling, I was listening to music. Then suddenly I noticed that there was a small boy about 10 years old who had got into the train with some coloring books in his hands, obviously to sell to the commuters and earn his daily living.

​But instead of doing that he sat down at one of the corners of the seat and started peeping into the phone of a girl who was seated next to him. It was opposite to me where he was trying to get a glance at the movie which she was watching. When I looked at him, he gave a nice and cute smile to me. At the same time, that girl also looked at me and I gestured her about particular the boy who was peeping into her phone. The girl treated very nicely and gave one of her earphones to the small boy. So that he can hear the dialogues of the film which he was watching without sound till that time. By observing this incident, it gave me an immense pleasure and I immediately smiled at both. Some thoughts crossed my mind reminding me that still goodness prevails in our society. After about 10 minutes that small boy and I looked at each other and we smiled till my destination arrived. As the train started approaching towards the station where I had to get down, I got up and even the girl tried to get up and leave. Seeing this, that poor boy who was touched with sadness on his face gave back the earphones to the girl and went back to his job of selling books to the people seated in the train.Fortunately, I had a pastry which I had brought to celebrate the occasion of one of my friend’s birthday. Looking at him I decided that I am not going to miss this opportunity. With that thought I called him and gave the pastry and wished him well. Although I did not say anything after that, I wished that he eat it in front of me so that, I could be able to see the happiness in his eyes. To my happiness he sat down there and started opening the box. With few minutes of struggle, he managed to open and looked at it. Then he had a bite of that.  At that very moment what I could do was to turn back and look at his expression which was obviously the one which I was hoping for. In turn that made me overwhelmed with joy and contentment. Few tears had come rolling down my cheeks because of the happiness of giving something to somebody. Probably out of all the memorable moments of my life, this one will be really close to my heart as on that particular day I understood that when love becomes selfless, then the world will definitely become a kinder place for everyone.

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Nivedita Priyadarshini
Nivedita is a guest contributor at Nerdynaut.
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